dental treatment under a microscope

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Using a microscope in dentistry improves significantly the quality of treatment and diagnostics.
The main sphere of application of the microscope is Endodontics. The dentist clearly sees the canals in the teeth, their number, the various anatomical features inherent in each tooth separately, because there are no identical teeth like people have. Each tooth carries an individuality. The roscope allows doctor-endodontist to find the mouths of all canals, see their direction, monitor the process of cleansing canals, neck, cracks, etc., and this is a prerequisite for qualitative treatment and reducing the risk of complications.
In our clinic with the help of a microscope we carry out the following procedures:
- diagnosis of cracked teeth;
- closing of perforations;
- removal of dentine pins, stump tabs;
- extraction of fiberglass pins;
- extraction of instrument debris;
- repeated treatment of canals;
- work through an artificial crown;
- all manipulations requiring high accuracy (gentle preparation of teeth for different types of designs, fitting, assessment of the quality of work fit).

From our personal experience - about every third patient comes to our clinic to correct the problems received earlier. In such situations, the use of the entire available arsenal of technical means is not only expedient, but also necessary.