IvoryDental Lab

Dental laboratory of Smotrytsky IvoryDental Lab is our partner. 

The laboratory is headed by Dr. Smotritsky. Alexei Borisovich is dental technician of the highest category. His work experience - 23 years.
1990 - graduated from Odessa Medical School number, specialty «dental technician»
2004 - graduated from the Odessa State Medical University, specialty «Dentistry»
1997 - took a course «Attachment fortraditional prostheses and implant», Kiev
2004 - listened to lectures «A Practical Approach in endodontics. All you need to know in the 21st century», Odessa
2004 - took part in the international scientific-practical conference «Modern diagnostic and treatment technology in the dentistry practice», Lviv
2008 - participant of the workshop «New technologies in the modern dental laboratory using a CAD \ CAM Zeno Tec system»
2008 - a course of «Theory and practice of color definition. Making aesthetic metal-ceramic denture using VITA Vm13 materials», Odessa
2008 - attended the course «Fundamentals of articulation. Theoretical Seminar and practical demonstration», Odessa 2008 - course «Anspruchsvolle Asthetik mit VITAVM 9», Lviv
2008 - attended the workshop «Digital technology in laboratory using CAD \ CAM system Zeno Tec», Lviv
2008 - participant of theoretical and practical course «Facing zirconium oxide ceramic scaffolds VITA VM9»
2009 - participant of the course «Basic Theoretical Course For Implantology»
2009 - took part in the course «Implant prosthetics, SKY-Implant- System with practical exercises», Simferopol
2009 - participant of theoretical and practical course «Production of ceramic-metallic structure in the articulator»
2009 - participated in the seminar «Clinical application of articulator STRATOS 100/300. The algorithm works with the front arc UTS 3D»
2009 - participant of the training «Efficient modellation of natural and functional molars according to the occlusal compass»
2010 - participant in theory-practical course «Basic diagnostic and planning of orthopedic rehabilitation concept of dental patients»
2010 - took a course «Spezialschulung mit IPS e.max Materialien. IPS Empress Esthetic», Elvangen
2011 - took part in a workshop «Restoring the natural color and aesthetics at the highest level. Personalisation of layering techniques and internal staining procedures IPS e.max Ceram», Kiev
2012 - the First International Expert Symposium «Ceramics meet Implant Esthetics»
2013 - participant of the course «The Fascination of IPS e.max», Elvangen