Orthodontics and dental braces

Orthodontics (from Greek -orthos- smooth, correct) is a specialty field of dentistry that deals with the prevention of bite anomalies and its correction. More than 80% of people have troubles with bite disorders! Every second person needs its correction.

Implantation of teeth

Imagine there is such a trouble — you lost a tooth. It does not matter for what reason it happened, you need to solve the problem.Prolonged absence of teeth can gradually lead to a change in the proportions of the face and speech impairment.

Crowns, veneers

Orthopedic dentistry is the restoration of one, several, partially or completely lost teeth. In "Voinar Clinic" equally care about both the aesthetic and the functional component of the dentition.

Treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis

Preventing pulpitis is the timely treatment of tooth decay, but if it already happened — the tooth hurts, immediately go to the doctor, do not have to wait for it to pass.


In the Clinic «Voynarovsky», teeth are removed of any complexity, kistectomy, resection of the tips of teeth with pathology, sinus lift, augmentation (bone building), and other necessary surgical treatment in the oral cavity.

Treatment and restoration of teeth

Dental treatment in the Voinarovsky Clinic is performed after a thorough examination of the oral cavity with the help of an intraoral camera. The patient sees on the monitor the condition of his teeth and all stages of treatment.

Treatment of gum disease

Are you worried about bleeding gums, bad breath? Have you been diagnosed with gingivitis, periodontitis or periodontitis? Inflammation of gums in one form or another occurs periodically in 80% of the inhabitants of the Earth.

Hygiene of teeth and oral cavity

Hygiene of the oral cavity is the main preventive measure, which must necessarily be carried out according to all the rules, regardless of the person’s age and the state of health of his teeth.

Prevention of caries, gum disease and other diseases of the oral cavity

The main emphasis in the work of our clinic is on a prophylactic approach to diseases of the oral cavity. One of the most important moments is the educational work of patients.