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Particular attention is paid to the sterility of instruments. There are best disinfectants of the company «Durr» produced by Germany, a recognized European leader, that are used in work today.

After the pre-sterilization cycle of tool processing, ultrasonic cleaning, each tool is packed into an individual vacuum bag with a sterility indicator and passes the autoclaving cycle at 134 C. We guarantee the quality of sterilization tools.

In Clinic we can offer You the digital X-ray equipment of the company «Planmeca». It is desirable to make a panoramic shot to diagnose the condition of the oral cavity. It gives the opportunity to diagnose correctly, make a plan for treatment, contains information on the status of all teeth and teeth rudiments.

For more detailed study of the tooth condition and its roots, the doctor is assisted by sighting X-rays, which, thanks to radiovisiography, significantly reduces the radiation dose and the image can be obtained instantly on a computer in high quality.

Diagnosis, especially during the consultation, is greatly facilitated by the examination of the dentition with the intraoral camera, which greatly increases the view and helps the doctor to diagnose correctly, to detect hidden carious cavities that are not visible in a normal examination, and the patient, if desired, can participate in the examination. At the end of the treatment, You can get a CD with an image or record on a flash card or e-mail.

Dental Clinic «Voinarovsky» was founded in September 2008 in Odessa, Ukraine.

There are comfortable rooms with a full set of dental equipment of the latest generation and a team of professionals with extensive experience and high qualifications.

Dental «Voinarovsky Clinic» operates activities on the basis of a license of the Ministry of Healthcare from January 3, 2013, Series AE No. 196652; AE No. 196657.

The specialists of the clinic constantly improve their professional level and improve their knowledge.

When you come to us, You entrust your health.

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