Voinarovska Natalia

Doctor of the highest category, work experience -25 years. Specialization - aesthetic dentistry, endodontics.

1989 - graduated from Odessa Medical Institute, specialty «Dentistry»
1998 - took a training course «Working with materials and equipment 3M» in Authorized Scientific Center «Fenestra»
1999 - participated in the test for color vision By HMC Anomaloscope (color combination apparatus)
2002 - participated in the scientific-practical seminar «Modern concepts in dentistry»
2002 - joined the intensive course for «The use of modern Silicones in the Dental Practice»
2003 - participated in the International lecture «Modern technologies of treatment and prevention in practiced dentistry», Kiev
2003 - member of the mini-endoforum «Endodontics of the XXI century»
2003 - participant of the international dental conference «2 days with ULTRADENT», Yalta
2004 - participant of the seminar «Basic postulates of modern operative dentistry in the realities of the XXI century», Kiev
2004 - passed the phantom course on technology and materials corporation Dentsply International «The restoration of anterior and posterior teeth. Construction of a contact point in the anterior and posterior teeth», Odessa
2004 - attended a course of lectures «The practical approach in Endodontics», Odessa
2004 - participant of the seminar series Aesthetic Restoration: SCIENCE AND ART cycle 2 «Aesthetic restoration and strengthening of teeth after endodontic treatment», Kiev
2004 - attended a lecture on the theme «Composites - Basis and Application», «Bonding system - development and important tips for use», «Comparative evaluation of accuracy of impressions», «Cable Stayed Technology», Odessa - Kiev
2005 - member of the III International Forum «Days of High Dentistry in Crimea», Yalta
2005 - participant of the II International Symposium dedicated to orthopedic and aesthetic dentistry «Stomatology is a real art», Kiev
2005 - passed the cycle of thematic improvement «System «Vector» in Clinical Periodontology», Kyiv
2005 - succesfully took part in VECTOR
2006 - attended a lecture on the topic «Preparations of «Septodont». Endodontic instruments «Micro Mega»»
2007 - attended a course «Seminar for whitening teeth and Workshop of Clinical Systems ZOOM»
2007 - student of the master class «The design of adhesion bridges», Odessa
2008 - participant of the master-class «Drugs of SEPTODONT company and endodontic instruments of «MICRO MEGA»
2008 - passed the phantom course «Endodontic treatment with using NiTi instruments», Odessa
2008 - participated in the training workshop DentArt «Abrasion Restoration of teeth», Odessa
2008 - passed the phantom course «Abrasion Restoration of the height of the front teeth», Odessa
2008 - passed the phantom course «Modelling the shape and topography of the front teeth», Odessa 2008 - took part in the training seminar «Elements of successful direct restoration», Odessa 2008 - passed the phantom course «Building contacts of the anterior and posterior teeth», Odessa 2009 - student of the master class for Teeth Whitening System of «Beyond Power Whitening» 2009 - passed training course on the theme «Modern microprosthetics», Kiev
2010 - passed training in the educational center «Ivoclar Vivadent» on the theme «Modern ceramic design. Indirect aesthetic restoration Veneer, Inlay, Onlay», Ellwangen, Germany
2010 - participation in Endodontic Symposium «Broken Tools - errors and complications. Restoration of coronal Hermetic»
2010 - was trained at the seminar «Modern patient's motivation technique on comprehensive treatment», Odessa 2011 year - took part in the Endodontic Conference on the theme «Achieving success in the treatment of the root canal», Odessa
2011 - took a course training on the topic «Occlusive tires. Michigan bus. Splint therapy in orthopedic practice», Odessa
2011 - took a course of training in the diagnosis of drug allergy
2011 - participant of the lecture course of Endodontics Endo Intensive «Effective concept of orthograde revision before dental treatment»
2011 - took part in the scientific-practical seminar «Micro-prosthetics: inlays and veneers»
September 15, 2012 - took part in the 1 International Symposium «All ceramics in teeth aesthetics», Berlin, Germany 2012 - took part in the Congress «Aesthetics in dentistry», Poltava
2012 - participated in the seminar «Diagnosis, planning and rehabilitation of the temporary prosthesis for total dentition», Poltava
2013 - participated in an educational course «Direct restoration of posterior teeth and art restoration of teeth», Kiev
2013 - participated in an educational course «Post endodontic recovery cofferdam», Odessa
October 26, 2013 - participated in the seminar «Total prosthetics procedures: clinical and laboratory protocols», Odessa
November 29, 2014 - participated in the seminar «Orthopedics», Odessa
2014 - took part in a seminar on the theme «The adhesive restoration of posterior teeth. Direct and indirect technique»
July 26, 2014 - participated in the seminar «Indirect prosthesis: veneers, crowns etc», Odessa
October 22-23, 2015 - took part in the III-eat Ukrainian National Dental Congress, Kiev
April 24, 2016 - participated in the seminar «Emergency state in dentistry», Odessa
May 28, 2016 - took part in the lecture day «Digital Dentistry», Odessa
October 7, 2016 - took part in a practical course «Brilliant EverGlow» combination of a unique adaptation aesthetics and functional stability of restorations performed with innovative composite materials Brilliant EverGlow (Coltena\ Switzerland)
October 27-28, 2016 - listened to lectures of the Fourteenth International Conference «New Technologies in Endodontics», Kiev