Treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis

Preventing pulpitis is the timely treatment of tooth decay, but if it already happened — the tooth hurts, immediately go to the doctor, do not have to wait for it to pass.

Pulpitis is an inflammation of the nerve. The doctor must open the cavity in the tooth and get to the inflamed pulp (the «nerve» is not an entirely scientific expression, the pulp consists of blood and lymphatic vessels, nerve cells, it is not only the nerve — it is living tissue). It will not hurt, anesthesia will be in effect until the work is completed. If necessary, the doctor will always add anesthetic.

If you missed the stage of inflammation of the nerve and the infection «left» in the tissues surrounding the tip of the root of the tooth — you will develop inflammation of the periodontal tissues — periodontitis. If time does not treat periodontitis — it will lead to the formation of cysts and cysts, and then to the onset of osteomyelitis (purulent fusion of the jaw).

Therefore, it is better for your own good to do everything on time.

Periodontitis occurs either as a result of asymptomatic flow of pulpitis or as a result of poor-quality canal filling, which can lead to the formation of a cyst (cavity in the bone tissue of the jaw), or in the presence of trauma.

Therapeutic treatment of periodontitis is usually carried out in 3 visits. The first two visits are devoted to working with channels. A certain complexity is caused by the unsheltering of poorly sealed channels. Doctors of our clinic use for this purpose special tools and medications that allow you to work on the material that is in the channels. Work in the channels is carried out under the supervision of radiovisiography and apparatus, which allows to control the passage of the tooth canal.