Orthodontics and dental braces

Orthodontics (from Greek -orthos- smooth, correct) is a specialty field of dentistry that deals with the prevention of bite anomalies and its correction. More than 80% of people have troubles with bite disorders! Every second person needs its correction. Correction of the bite allows you to maintain your health and prevent such diseases as caries, gingivitis, periodontitis. Correction of the bite leads to the restoration of nasal breathing and even posture, since it is proved that there is a direct link between the pathology of the occlusion and the malformation of the skeleton. Therefore, it is important to detect and correct the occlusion at an early age. Most people mistakenly believe that the bite can be changed only in childhood. That’s not true as adults also can correct the bite. Actually, it takes the same time, but with the difference that adults need more time for the consolidation of the result after the removal of the system braces. An important factor for habituation is the appearance of the system braces. For example, aesthetic ceramic braces are of particular interest to patients, which are almost invisible to others. As a more budget option there are metal ones. Orthodontic treatment can be divided into the following stages:

Stage 1 Diagnostic — X-ray study, TRG (teleradiography, frontal and lateral projections) or computed tomography. Taking dental impressions and their diagnostic analysis. The tactics, goals and objectives of treatment are being defined that are individual in each case.

Stage 2 Obligatory condition is the preparation of the oral cavity, namely the treatment of caries, hygienic cleaning and if necessary surgical manipulation (plastic bridles, tooth extraction).

Stage 3 Installation of the orthodontic apparatus and its wearing until the result is obtained.

Stage 4 The fixation of the obtained result with a special device or kappa, which are necessary to ensure that the teeth do not return to their original position. The retentive, practically invisible apparatus performs an important function of stabilizing the result. The success of treatment depends on the joint efforts of the orthodontist and your participation in regular visits to the clinic for maintenance treatment. The path to a beautiful smile is often long and difficult, but as a result of patience, you will not get only an aesthetically beautiful smile, but also excellent health.

Before applying to the dentist - orthodontist

After dental treatment