In the Clinic «Voynarovsky», teeth are removed of any complexity, kistectomy, resection of the tips of teeth with pathology, sinus lift, augmentation (bone building), and other necessary surgical treatment in the oral cavity.

It is possible to remove a hopeless tooth with immediate implantation with certain indications. All the necessary procedures will be consulted by an experienced dental surgeon of the highest category. During surgery, pain and discomfort are completely excluded due to modern methods of anesthesia, both local and general (anesthesia).

Removing the «wisdom» teeth remains the usual surgical operation, which is carried out in our clinic. However, this tooth and its position in the jaw has a number of characteristics, so this procedure can become complicated. But an experienced surgeon in our clinic will solve this problem on the basis of a preliminary examination of the panoramic and if there is a need for computer tomography. A careful approach in each individual case makes it easy to avoid complications. If you wish, you can remove the tooth under general anesthesia.