Treatment of gum disease

Are you worried about bleeding gums, bad breath? Have you been diagnosed with gingivitis, periodontitis or periodontitis? Inflammation of gums in one form or another occurs periodically in 80% of the inhabitants of the Earth. As the modern statistics, loss of teeth by the adult population of the planet in most cases is caused by periodontitis!

So, the treatment of periodontitis is an extremely important matter, which can not be delayed. The sooner the treatment of periodontitis begins, the less dangerous the periodontitis for the patient (the more likely it will be to keep his teeth). At its core, periodontitis is the final stage in the development of gingivitis, that is, ’’ neglected ’’ gingivitis turns into periodontitis. Gingivitis is curable, and it is desirable to cure gingivitis, not to allow it to grow into periodontitis — this is the best way to promptly treat gums. At the first signs of gingival inflammation, namely, bleeding, it is advisable to contact the dentist on time.

Do not rely entirely on advertising on TV toothpastes, advice from friends and colleagues. Treatment of such diseases as gingivitis, periodontitis and periodontitis should be performed only by a specialist, with carefully selected only for you the course of treatment after the examination. What affects the appearance of gingivitis and periodontitis? According to periodontology, one of the most common causes of periodontitis is tartar, which constantly injures the gum, causing its inflammation. Also, gingivitis (periodontitis) can provoke improperly placed fillings and substandard crowns that put pressure on the gum (also causing inflammation of the gums). Therefore, modern periodontics pays special attention to the timely careful removal of calculus and quality control of the installation of fillings and crowns. Our dental clinic is concerned with the increased attention to the prevention and treatment of gum disease.

In our clinic we treat periodontitis with the help of the apparatus ’’ Vector ’’. It is an instrument that allows for painless and effective treatment of periodontal pockets. Only the dentist can clean the teeth below the level of the gum. The energy of the instrument is gently fed into the periodontal pocket, where it is intensively processed and washed. A distinctive feature of the ’’ Vector ’’ system due to the indirect binding of ultrasound energy has made possible the gentle removal of bacterial biofilm and dental deposits. This does not damage the hard tissues, and soft tissues are not injured.

Thanks to the suspension containing microparticles, the effectiveness of root cleaning is greatly improved. The result is a smooth, clean root surface and a significant reduction in the number of bacteria, leading to a rapid and successful cure. For the treatment of moderate and severe forms of periodontitis (when the depth of the dentogingival pockets exceeds 5 mm.), And our clinic performs patchwork operations. The method is based on the elimination of dentogingival pockets, restoration of damaged tissues, correction of gum edge defects. The operation consists in opening the gingival tissues, cleaning the periodontal pockets and the root surface of the tooth. The incision provides an opportunity to recline the gingival flap and fully open the pocket to remove the foci of infection from the teeth. Then all inflammatory tissues from the interdental spaces are eliminated, the root surfaces are polished and polished. The processed and modeled muco-periosteal flap is fixed by means of seams at a new level. After removal of subgingival deposits, soft tissue cells rapidly expand and fill the bone imperfections, preventing the cells from regenerating periodontitis. Thanks to patchwork operations, the main cause of the disease is eliminated, so for today it is the most effective way to combat periodontitis.